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Colorado State Representatives for Weld County are listed below. Please go to the candidates' websites to learn more about them, their positions and their experience. Click on the "Check the Map" link to see if you live in a candidate's district.
State house Candidates
Dan Woog.png
house district 19
dan Woog
Currently a State Representative for HD 63, the recent re-districting drew Mr. Woog into HD19 where he is running for his second term in the Colorado State House of Representatives. 
Do I live in HD19? Check the map.
Gabe Evans.png
House district 48
gabe evans
Mr. Evans is a Christian, Colorado native, husband, father, and owner/operator of a family farm in southern Weld County. He served 12 years in the US Army and Colorado Army National Guard and 10 years with the Arvada Police Department. 
Do I live in HD48? Check the map. 
Ryan Gonzalez.png
house district 50
ryan gonzalez
Mr. Gonzalez is the proud son of Mexican Immigrants who believes the American Dream is alive and well, and it's available to every person who seeks it. Mr. Gonzalez believes House District 50 is full of real opportunity and is working toward the best interest of the community. 
Do I live in HD50? Check the map.
Richard Holtorf.png
house district 63
richard holtorf
Currently a State Representative for HD 64, the recent redistricting drew Mr. Holtorf into HD 63. Mr. Holtorf is a Republican rancher, farmer, feedlot manager, and retired U.S. Army Colonel with 29 years of service, State Representative Richard Holtorf plans to continue providing veteran leadership as he represents the people of rural Colorado’s House District 63. 
Do I live in HD63? Check the map.
Ryan Armagost.png
house district 64
ryan armagost

Mr. Armagost is the father of a teenage son and sees the need to build a better Colorado. He has spent his life serving in the military, law enforcement, fire protection, and volunteer positions. A strong and true leader by trade and by nature, Mr. Armagost is ready to put his experience to work for you. 
Do I live in HD64? Check the map.
Mike Lynch.png
house district 65
Mike Lynch

Currently a State Representative for HD 49, the recent redistricting drew Mr. Lynch into HD65. A Colorado native, Mr. Lynch was born on the Western slope, grew up in Colorado, Wyoming and Alaska and seven days after high school graduation was in the U.S. Army where he remained in uniform for 11 years. Mr. Lynch is a results-driven Senior Executive and Thought Leader with more than 26 years of success across the military, government, medical devices, human resources, apparel & fashion, and software industries. 
Do I live in HD65? Check the map.
State senate Candidates
Byron Pelton.jpg
senate district 1
byron H. pelton

“It is crucial that Colorado elects someone to the Senate that is willing to be a strong voice for Energy and Agriculture.  These two industries are the largest economic drivers in the state of Colorado.  Weld County alone has over 1.975 million acres of land devoted to farming and raising livestock. As the divide widens between rural and urban areas of Colorado, we must have and experienced voice defending Agriculture and Energy at the capitol. With Senator Jerry Sonnenberg term limited as our Senator, it is imperative that we elect someone who will continue to be an advocate; someone who will be willing to stand up and fight for rural Colorado 
Do I live in SD1? Check the map.

The Weld County Republican Central Committee supplies this information as a courtesy only and does not control content candidate websites. Information subject to change.  Weld County Republican Central Committee does not support or endorse candidates for future elections prior to Caucus, Assembly, and Primary proceedings as outlined in WCRCC bylaws. 

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