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Many Hands Make Light Work

The Weld GOP has much work and we would be delighted if you would provide a hand! Our bylaws list various Standing Committees that perform the work of the Weld GOP. The only qualifications are that you are a registered Republican in Weld County and are ready to lend a hand to help us improve our communities and get Republicans elected!

The Finance Committee

Help us raise money to get Republicans elected. If you have a knack for "the ask" and are passionate about funding the next generation of conservative leaders, please let Treasurer Fred Mahe know -

The Arrangements Committee

This committee helps find locations and equip the meetings of the Weld GOP. They also work with our amazing 2nd Vice Chair, Nila Croll, in putting on the parties of the Grand Old Party! If interested, please contact Nila at

The Public Relations Committee

Help us get the word out - about Republican candidates and Weld GOP events and activities. Our PR Team is looking for folks good with words, social media, video, and website design and maintenance. Is that you? Contact Chairman Scott James at or 1st Vice Chair Hunter Rivera at

We want you!

Please get involved by volunteering for a committee today. The time commitment for all our committees varies by job and personal desire, but if you could give us 2 - 3 hours a month, that's a big start in keeping Weld red and taking that color to the rest of Colorado!

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