It's Time to Take Our Country Back - GET OUT THE VOTE!

Dear Weld GOP Patriots,

Nancy Pelosi said she fears for "our Democracy" if Republicans retake the majority in Congress, but you and I fear for the Republic if we don't.

Whatever we think of the voting process, it can only get worse if Democrats retain their woke majorities. We need to win THIS election to help make sure the NEXT election is as fair as possible.

As a dedicated Weld County Republican, you will do your part and vote. But many of our neighbors are not as dedicated and can use a little reminding. Weld County voter turnout needs to be HUGE to produce that Red Wave we're all praying for. And each of you can play a big part in launching that wave.

The Colorado GOP has a power dialer system to call targeted voters who haven't voted yet, and the Weld GOP is working hard to cover every precinct in our county. You can literally touch a hundred voters in ten to fifteen minutes. If you would like to learn more about how easy it is to help protect our children's futures, text WELDGOPVOTES to 303-931-9675.

Don't wake up November 9th and wish you had done more.

America's future begins now.

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