2022 Weld County Republican -County Assembly

Dear Fellow Republicans in Weld County, thank you for your time and dedication to participate today in our County Assembly. Here are the official Results.

Weld County Assessor Candidate- Brenda Dones.

Weld County Clerk Record Candidate - Carly Koppes

Weld County Commissioner District 2 Candidate- Scott James.

Weld County Sheriff Candidate- Steve Reams.

House Representative 50 Candidate - Ryan Gonzalez.

In the election for County Commissioner at Large, Chairman Van Lone reported that a total of 324 ballots were voted.

Votes for Elijah Hatch = 114

Votes for Kevin Ross = 210

As a percentage of votes cast, 32.2% were cast for Elijah Hatch and 64.8% for Kevin Ross.

Kevin Ross, having received the most votes, will be first on the ballot and Elijah Hatch, having received more than 30 percent of the votes will also be on the ballot, in the second position

Please, click here to open the Summary document with the County Assembly resolutions.

Download PDF • 1.04MB

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