Lincoln Day Dinner 2018

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“For me, this Flag, our Flag the Thirteen Stripes, Fifty Stars and the Field of Blue reminds me every day how this wonderful experiment we call a democratic republic came about. How it wasn't easy, we struggled, we fell but what we never ever have done is Give up!!” Mark ‘Oz’ Geist

You’ve seen the hit movie, “13 Hours”. We are delighted our fellow Coloradan, Mark ‘Oz’ Geist, Benghazi hero, co-author ’13 Hours’, is our keynote speaker for our Lincoln Day Dinner.

Join us January 20, 2018, to hear from the man, one of five security contractors, who withstood 13 hours of assault that night in Benghazi. Hear from the man who saved lives, confronted the lies, and wrote the truth. Hear from the man who understands the difference made by leadership and courage, on any battlefield.

Mark Geist was on the military battlefield fighting for freedom. We, the grassroots of Weld County and America, are on the political battlefield also fighting for freedom.

We know what we do today in Weld County influences America tomorrow. We put our feet solidly in American soil, Weld County Colorado. We stand firm and keep our eye on our mission. We stand for our flag. We fight for freedom in our own backyard, which influences the State of Colorado, and America. We never give up. We love our freedom and honor our freedom fighters, American heroes.

This Lincoln Day Dinner will be one to remember. Hearing from a courageous warrior and true American hero, Mark ‘Oz’ Geist, will inspire, and make you proud to be an American living in and appreciating freedom.

Abe Lincoln, the first Republican president, said: “Be sure to put your feet in the right place, then stand firm.”

Stand with us. January 20, 2018.

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Val Orr
Former Chair, Weld GOP