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Frequently Asked Questions
Where can I visit the Weld County GOP headquarters?

The Weld County Republican Party (WCGOP) has temporarily closed its brick-and-mortar headquarters.  At the direction of the WCGOP Executive Board, the staff and the great Republican volunteers have been dispersed throughout the county reaching out to local voters and conducting essential planning activities rather than paying Greeley-area commercial rent.  This will significantly reduce our costs but more importantly, this will allow our staff and volunteers to conduct critical community outreach to bring more citizens into the party, finding great candidates for office, and conducting essential training and fundraising efforts.  As we get closer to 2022 local, state, and national elections, we fully intend to reopen a fully staffed headquarters.  In the interim, you can contact Yuli Paulson at: for any questions or assistance. Please note, WCGOP does not have paid staff and is a strictly volunteer-led organization.  While we will get back to you as quickly as possible, we request a 48-hour response time.


 If you would like to be involved as a WCGOP volunteer now or in the future, please reach out to Yuli Paulson at  You may also volunteer by accessing the WCGOP website at:


Once the WCGOP Headquarters opens back up, we will ensure information is disseminated throughout the community.

I’m with a media outlet. How can I be granted access for an interview with the WCGOP?

Please submit all media inquiries by e-mailing  Please note that because we are staffed only by volunteers and we are busy conducting essential community efforts to ensure Republican Party principles are being disseminated to area citizens, not all requests may be fulfilled immediately (but we’ll try!).  

Will the WCGOP recommend whom I vote for?

The Weld County Republican Party CANNOT make recommendations in contested Republican primaries. To do so would be a direct violation of our Bylaws (our governing rules). We will provide awareness of Republican Party candidates running for office. During the election seasons, primary and general, you can also see a complete list of Republican candidates by visiting the Weld County Elections web page.  On this site, you’ll also find a wealth of information to include County Board of Elections Information, One-Stop Voting sites, Polling Place Search, and a Voter Search where you can identify voting information about yourself to include your voter details such as your Voter Registration Number, Date of Voter Registration, and other info.  You will be able to identify your Election Day Polling Site, your Voter History, and a myriad of other information.  If you encounter individuals that don’t know if they are a registered voter or not, provide them the website information above. We highly recommend you research all the candidates for yourself or come to one of our local club meetings to hear from the candidates directly!  Finally, during General Elections, the WCGOP will often provide Candidate Slate Cards that identify all the Republican Candidates that are running for office.  Poll volunteers will often pass out these cards at polling sites.

How do I early vote?

During elections, primary and general elections, the public will be made aware of early voting periods, times and locations. Please note that you can only vote for the ballot for the Party that you are registered for (those unaffiliated voters may only choose 1 ballot – either the Republican or the Democrat – not both). All registered Weld County voters can vote at any of the early voting sites, not just the location closest to your residence.

Where do I vote and how do I see a sample ballot?

To find your precinct, view your sample ballot and other important voting information, please visit the Weld County Elections web pageenter your information and click sample ballots. Please note that we do not coordinate volunteers at early voting and Election Day sites for primary elections. Please directly contact the candidate(s) of your choice if you would like to help during a primary election.

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