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(1) Enter and select your address.
(2) Click near your house or apartment to display information.

* Works for Weld County Colorado Only. Last Updated 01/31/18

What does your precinct number mean?:

There is a lot of information in your precinct number. Check out this example:

Your short precinct number may be used to identify what room you go to when you arrive at your precinct caucus.

What is a Precinct?

A precinct is the most local unit of Colorado’s electoral map. In other words, your neighborhood.
On election day, precincts typically share a voting location (perhaps with other neighboring precincts) and official election results are tabulated at the precinct level.
You are assigned a precinct based on your residential address when you register to vote.

If you don’t know what precinct you’re in. That’s ok. A lot of people don’t.
At present, Colorado voters most frequently interact with precincts at even-yeared partisan precinct caucus meetings held in early spring.
That’s once every two years!  Chances are that’s why you’re reading this page now.

Click here to learn more about this year’s March 6th Republican Precinct Caucuses in Weld County.

Do Precincts Change?

Yes. Precincts can change.
This is frequently the case following a census and redistricting year (2011, 2021, etc.).
Counties can also add new precincts in the middle of a decade prior to an election cycle beginning.
Weld county is a growing county, and new precincts have been added since 2016.
That means your precinct (and your caucus location) may have changed.

What are GOP Districts?

The GOP Districts (A through P) pictured in the color-coded map above are a partisan function unique to the Weld County Republican Party.
They are simply groups of precincts for purposes of making the Weld County Republican Party easier to manage.
(Not every county party has them, and they are not based on any elected government office’s district.)

What is a District Captain?

Shortly following even-yeared precinct caucuses (usually in February or March), each Weld GOP District participates in it’s own District GOP Assembly meeting prior to the Weld County GOP Assembly.  Pursuant to party bylaws, each District Assembly  elects a District Captain to serve on the Weld County GOP Executive Committee for a two year term.
Each District Captain is tasked with duties to help organize the precinct near election time, advance the causes and candidates of the Republican Party at a grassroots level, as well as represent local Republicans at monthly meetings of the Weld County Executive Committee