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Be it resolved that the Weld County Republicans:

  • Support the United States Constitution.

  • Support the President of the United States.

  • Support Tabor.

  • Support the Oil and Gas industry and its production.

  • Support a Federal balanced budget amendment.

  • Support the abolishment of “Roe vs. Wade.”

  • While welcoming legal immigrants, support strict border enforcement and security to include a border wall.

  • Support school choice, home schooling and vouchers with the funding following the child.

  • Support the abolishment of the Departments of Education, state and federal.

  • Support the U.S. government providing temporary housing and support for refugees, while they are awaiting screening for green cards or eligibility for citizenship.

  • Support for the elimination of the national debt.

  • Support for “freedom of speech” in all civil discourse.

  • Support for “Voter ID” laws.

  • Support the elimination of lifetime benefits for politicians.

  • Support for the Article 5 conventions of states to address the issues of term limits and balanced budgets.

  • Support choice of medical care options to include crossing state lines for policies.

  • Support of Weld County’s self-designation as a Second Amendment sanctuary.

  • Support the fact that U.S. Constitutional law prevails over all other laws, foreign and domestic.

  • Support forcing HOAs compliance with TABOR.

  • Support the repeal of the magazine limit.

  • Support the death penalty when applicable.

  • Support politicians being removed from office after violating their oath to uphold the Constitution.

  • Support the repeal of the law requiring the transfer of firearms between FFLs.

  • Oppose any law that gives jurisdiction over children to the State or blocking parental jurisdiction over our children.

  • Support candidates who support conservatism, to include support for small government, responsible spending, strong national defense, limited taxes and private property rights.

  • Support life conception to full term.

  • Oppose late term and post term abortion while supporting the ballot initiative that puts this into law. 

  • Support term limits.

  • Support fiscal restraints on the Federal government.

  • Support the Electoral College while opposing “national popular vote.”

  • Support fully the 2nd amendment while opposing unconstitutional restrictions of the 2nd amendment.

  • Support parental choice and control of parents’ rights concerning their children’s vaccinations.

  • Oppose “single payer” health care.

  • Support “home schooling” without government intervention.

  • Support Tony Heller’s position on “climate change.”

  • Support sunset provision attached to all legislation.

  • Support the prosecution of all criminals; no one is above the law.

  • Support the establishment of government owned banks.

  • Support the creation of a Civics test for all Colorado High School Seniors.

  • Support English as the official language.

  • Support the definition of marriage as between one woman and one man.

  • Support legal concealed carry in all places.

  • Support for all aspects of agriculture.

  • Oppose liberal agendas being taught in schools including sex education and lifestyles.

  • Oppose the Denver and Boulder “Mafia.”

  • Support Trade or Technical education of able-bodied citizens to facilitate moving from public assistance to productive employment and self-sufficiency.

  • Support for genetic gender for the purpose of establishing school rules in all aspects.

  • Oppose the imposition of taxes under terms such as “fees” or “certificates of participation” to avoid TABOR.

  • Support the full repeal of “Obama Care.”

  • Support the allowance of prayer in school.

  • Support repairing the roads to improve quality and safety without raising taxes.

  • Support the prohibition of “Unaffiliated” voters voting in primaries.

  • Oppose Colorado being a sanctuary State.

  • Support the ballot initiative requiring United States citizenship to vote.

  • Support the improved engagement of the Hispanic community.

  • Support the repeal of the “Red Flag” law.

  • Support Colorado staying on Mountain Daylight Time year-round.

  • Oppose “safe injection sites.”

  • Support Israeli sovereignty.

  • Support of Weld County moving to Wyoming.

  • Support of vaccines without the inclusion aborted cells.

  • Oppose California emission standards.

  • Support laws as single issue and of limited length.

  • Support the training and allowance of teachers to carry.

Call to Action




Pursuant to House Bill 20-1359, which was signed into law on March 16, 2020, the Weld County Republican Assembly will convene “electronically,” “virtually,” and in person. Therefore, the call to order previously issued in regard to the Weld County Republican Assembly on March 21 is hereby amended as follows:

Pursuant to the bylaws of the Weld County Republican Central Committee, and the Colorado Revised Statutes 1-4-601 and 1-4-602, notice is herby given that the Weld County Republican Assembly shall be convened beginning at 12:01 a.m. on March 20 for the purpose of nominating candidates for certain county and state offices. The Weld County Republican Assembly will recess, and nominations closed at 11:59 p.m. on March 20.

The Weld County Republican Assembly will reconvene at 9 a.m. on March 21 in the student parking lot on the east side of Northridge High School, 100 71st Ave, Greeley, Colo. 80634 for the purpose of “drive-thru” credentialing and casting a combined ballot of delegates between the hours of 9 a.m. and 12 p.m.

After the close of delegate balloting, alternate delegates will be received and considered for elevation to delegate pursuant to assembly rules, and the Weld County Republican Assembly will then allow these delegates “drive-thru” credentialing and casting a combined ballot between the hours of 1 p.m. and 4 p.m.

A total of 416 delegates and 416 alternate delegates have been authorized by the Executive Committee of the Weld County Republican Party for this Assembly, which delegates and alternate delegates have been apportioned to each precinct. The principal purposes of this Assembly of county delegates shall be:

  • To designate Republican candidate(s) for the office of County Commissioner District 1

  • To designate Republican candidate(s) for the office of County Commissioner District 3

  • To designate Republican candidate(s) for the office of County Commissioner At-Large

Notice is also given on behalf of the respective District Chairmen that the following single-county Republican District Assemblies shall be convened in connection with this County Assembly for the purpose of designating Republican candidates to the 2020 Primary Election ballot, and delegates and alternates to the Weld County Republican Assembly residing in such District shall serve in their respective capacities to such District Assemblies.

  • State Representative Districts 48 and 63

  • District Attorney 19th Judicial District

Dated this 17th day of March, 2020

Will Sander, Chairman

Weld County Republican Central Committee

assembly rules


March 21, 2020

1.    The Statutes of the State of Colorado, the Bylaws of the Colorado Republican State Central Committee, and the Bylaws of the Weld County Republican Central Committee shall apply to this convention and to the voting of delegates selected by this convention.

2.    ROBERTS RULES OF ORDER shall govern the proceedings of the convention, except as they may conflict with these rules as adopted.

3.    The quorum shall be those duly accredited delegates who have voted with the given time slot. 

4.    The Weld County Republican Chair (hereinafter “Chair”) may designate a temporary chairperson to serve during the absence of the Chair.

5.    Each person recognized by the Chair for the purpose of addressing the convention for any purpose shall stand and give his or her name and precinct number.  No person may speak for more than three (3) minutes, if applicable.

6.     For the purposes of the Weld County Republican Convention, the officers of the Forty-eighth (48th), Fiftieth (50th), and Sixty-Third State House Representative Districts, the Weld County Commissioner Districts [District One (1) and District Three (3)], and the District Attorney for the Nineteenth (19th ) Judicial District conventions may yield to the officers of the Weld County Republican Convention to act in their stead.

7.    Delegates to this Convention from the precincts constituting the Forty-eighth (48th), Fiftieth (50th), and Sixty-Third (63rd) State House Representative Districts, shall be delegates to the respective State House Representative District, likewise delegates for the Nineteenth (19th ) Judicial District and Weld County Commissioner Conventions [District One (1) and District Three (3)] must be a delegate from a precinct which lies within the respective district.

8.    The Chair shall appoint a committee on credentials which shall consist of three (3) or more registered Republicans.  The report of the committee on credentials must be received and acted upon prior to the report of the Rules Committee.

9.    The Chair shall appoint a committee on rules which shall consist of three (3) or more registered Republicans.  The report of the committee on rules must be received and approved by the Chair prior to the designation of candidates or the conduct of any other business pursuant to HB 20-1359.

10.    The Chair shall appoint a committee on resolutions consisting of three (3) or more registered Republicans.  All resolutions to be considered by the Weld County Republican Convention shall be submitted to the Weld County Republican Chair from the precinct caucuses.  The Chair shall refer all resolutions timely received by him or her to the resolutions committee.  There shall be no debate on either the report of the resolutions committee or on any individual resolution.  No resolution submitted for consideration by the Weld County Republican Convention may be amended.  Resolutions shall be adopted, by the Chairman upon referral from the resolutions committee. 

11.     The Chair shall appoint a committee on delegates to higher assemblies which shall consist of three (3) or more registered Republicans.  The composition and function of the committee on delegates shall be as follows:

a. The function of the committee shall be to confirm delegates and alternates, selected in the precincts or assembly as appropriate, from Weld County to the Colorado Republican Convention; to the Fourth Congressional District Republican Convention; to the twenty-third State Senate District Republican Convention; and to the Forty-ninth State House Representative Republican Conventions.

b. No person shall be a delegate or alternate to any of the aforementioned assemblies unless that person has been elected as a delegate or alternate by his or her precinct caucus to the Weld County Republican Convention. The Chairman shall accept and confirm the report of the delegates committee to ratify delegates to higher assemblies. 

12.    The Chair shall appoint a teller committee which shall consist of three (3) or more registered Republicans, for the purpose of verifying the information contained on the ballot, controlling the ballots during the voting process and counting the results of ballots cast. 

13.    The Chair shall appoint a vacancy committee which shall consist of three (3) or more registered Republicans for the purpose of filling any vacancies which exist or which may occur, (by the withdrawal of a candidate, or other reason, which result in a lack of a candidate for a position), prior to the general election.

14.    Only registered Republicans will be recognized by the Chair of the Convention.

15.    Due to the Corona-virus pandemic, and restrictions on large gathers, the following procedure shall be followed for this assembly:

In order for a candidate to be voted upon by the Convention for placement on the ballot for the primary election, such candidate must be nominated and such nomination must be seconded and accepted by the person nominated. Nominations and second will be submitted to chair in writing, (electronic nominations accepted) starting 12:01 am Friday, March 20, 2020. Nominations will close 11:59 pm Friday March 20, 2020. Acceptance of the nomination by a candidate must also be received by the time set for close of nominations.

16.    Voting – general rules:

a. Only delegates or alternates filling delegate vacancies, certified by the delegate committee shall be deemed to be present and eligible to vote upon the business of the Convention.  Each shall have one vote. Voting for delegates will begin 9:00 am and close at 12:00 pm    Saturday March 21, 2020. Voting for elevated alternates will begin at 1:00 pm and close at 4:00 pm Saturday March 21 2020. The polling place will be Northridge High School, 100 71st Ave Greeley CO, 80634.

b.  No proxies shall be allowed or recognized.  Vacancies in any precinct delegation shall be filled from the list of alternates thereto in their numerical order from their precinct caucus.

c.  Voting for candidates shall be by certified voting machines or by ballot forms furnished by the Weld County Republican Central Committee and distributed by the teller committee.  If there is only one nominee for an office the Chair may declare the candidate elected by acclamation.

d.  Each candidate will be allowed 1 poll watcher to observe credentialing and balloting. Each candidate shall submit in writing to The Chairman the name of their selected poll watcher by 5:00 pm Friday March 20th, 2020.

17.    No petitions or gathering of signatures shall be allowed within one hundred (100) feet from the ballot drop of location.   Candidates who are using the petition process for inclusion on the primary ballot are allowed to campaign during the convention but not within 100 feet of ballot drop off location.


“Campaigning” under this rule is defined as distributing literature, talking quietly with attendees of the assembly, and posting signs. However, no signs are to be posted within 100 feet of the ballot drop off location. 

Submitted for Approval by the Rules Committee, March 17, 2020.

Joseph I. Bodine
Justin Buxman
Nate Gibson

Due to the Corona-virus pandemic these rules are provided to all delegates and alternates. Anyone eligible to vote in the assembly, delegates or alternates filling delegate positions, may raise concerns or suggested modifications by contacting the Weld County Republican chair, Will Sander, via phone or electronic media and providing the modifications or concerns. Such Concerns or suggested modifications must be received not later than 5 p.m. on 19 March 2020.

Thank you for your understanding as we strive to move forward during these difficult times.

State of the union Watch Party!

With the expected acquittal of President Donald J. Trump just days away. It will be time to put the erroneous Impeachment efforts behind us and ramp up our efforts to assure America another four years of liberty, prosperity, and respect for our Constitution with the re-election of our beloved president.

It all begins Tuesday with both the National Day of Action and our President’s third State of the Union Address!

Please join the Weld County GOP for a State of the Union watch party from 6-9 p.m. at Kenny’s Steak House, 3502 10th St. in Greeley on Tuesday, Feb. 4.

We need all of you working together to improve Colorado and the Nation!

Sign up here:

For more information contact Amy Young at (301) 897-1010.

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