Weld County Republican Party Supports Board of Weld County Commissioners – 4/25/20


We are living in unprecedented times with COVID-19 impacting every single person and business in one way or another.  While many of us understood the precautions that needed to be taken at the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, we cannot continue to make the solution worse than the problem.  Governor Polis originally intended for the stay-at-home order to be lifted on April 26th which is about a month and a half after the coronavirus pandemic scare began.  The Governor told us many times that the death toll would be exponentially worse if we were to not follow the stay-at-home order, so we listened and complied while our economy crashed.  Locally and nationally, COVID-19 data is inconsistent, and drawing conclusions must be done very carefully.  However, current data isn’t compelling enough to continue the stay-at-home order that is currently destroying the economy and the social-emotional well-being of many citizens, and the “cure” may turn out to be far worse than the disease.

The Weld County GOP stands firmly behind our Weld County Commissioners’ decision to support private business’ choices to re-open on April 27th by providing “Safer at Work” guidelines meant to align with those of the state and that make sense for the safety and welfare of those who live and work in Weld County.

While even one COVID-19 death is very tragic, so is the impact that the stay-at-home order has had on our economy, businesses small and large, families, churches, schools, and many other organizations. Hard-working Weld County citizens rely on their paychecks to feed and house their families. However, closed restaurants and bars and other “non-essential” businesses and stores have put thousands of Weld County residents out of work. The collapse of demand for oil threatens thousands of other Weld County jobs; Weld supplies 90 percent of the oil produced in the state and a large percentage of revenue for Weld County and Colorado.  The people of Weld County are intelligent, compassionate, and respectful.  Our Commissioners have confidence that our Weld County citizens will make intelligent and healthy decisions for themselves, their families, their businesses, and our communities.    

Again, the Weld County GOP stands in firm support of our Weld County Commissioners and the “Safer at Work” guidelines.  Weld County business owners will be able to get back to work on Monday, April 27th.  Thank you, Weld County Commissioners, for standing behind our people and businesses. 



     Chairmen Will Sander and the                                                Weld County Republicans                                     Executive Committee

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